About Me

As an artist and facilitator of circle gatherings, my work during the last 15 years has been to celebrate and empower individuals within groups to self express and relate to one another using a variety of different art mediums including, but not limited to: film, rhythm, sound, meditation, movement, writing and visual art. I am a graduate of The Institute for Circlework with Jalaja Bonheim.

I enjoy working with you to customize each circle gathering according to your needs. Gatherings can be from one hour to many days and may involve 100’s of people.

“Elizabeth has a huge heart, an artist’s vision, and is deeply connected to the earth and sky.  To spend time with her, is to enter a realm where depth matters and play reigns.” 

Venues have included:

Corporations ♦ Sanctuaries (over 50 in NY state) ♦ Family Reunion ♦ Retreat Centers ♦ Art Galleries ♦ Youth Groups ♦ Conferences ♦ Festivals ♦ Higher Education Facilities ♦ Colleges of Professional Development ♦ Yoga Studios

UJA Federation of New York, NY
Intersections International NY
Isabella Freedman Retreat Center, New York
Clearwater Festival New York
HaKibbutz Seminary Tel Aviv, Israel
United Nations, New York, NY
Limmud Conference, New York
Brooklyn Museum, New York

“Elizabeth’s work is really elegant from the dramatic point of view and profound because of her listening ability.”

“This is way, WAY beyond what I thought it was going to be”