922835_10151928662058761_1740443401_n Nature Connection: A series of workshops to connect us deeply to the natural world using meditation, writing, movement and painting “To tell you the truth, I never knew my husband had that inside him. His writing is really beautiful. Thanks for bringing this out in him. He enjoys your workshops so much”

Spontaneous Silk Painting: A series of workshops to enable us first to meditate and then play with form, color, texture and depth. “When I enter into the quiet space of silk painting and simply observe the spontaneous colors and forms that appear, something about my real self manifests and the painting connects me to the inner worlds beyond my personality”

IMG_5373Dream Flags: Create individual or collaborative Dream Flags and hang them on a line between trees outdoors so that their visual messages are taken in the wind to their desired destination. “I feel like I am an artist when I paint with you because the process you use to guide us allows me to just be myself”

IMG_6022Silk Shadow Theater: Make a theater and shadow puppets and use this is ancient art form to tell stories. Special effects are achieved with the puppets and light source. “I love this. Simply love this”

IMG_9372Mandalas: Use either established patterns or personal designs to create mandalas out of natural materials or paint.  “This is so relaxing. I go off into a zone. I started this day thinking about terrible things and now I feel very peaceful”




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