Circle Gatherings to Connect to Nature  Deeply connect to the natural world and each other using meditation, writing, photography, movement and painting. “To tell you the truth, never knew my husband had that inside him. His writing is really beautiful. Thanks for bringing this out in him. He enjoys your workshops so much”


Circle Gatherings to Connect to Each Other A profoundly uplifting way to celebrate: birthday, baby shower, wedding shower, holiday, or simply to honor an individual or moment. “Besides facilitating such a creative project you allowed us to get to know each other in a different kind of way” “This was way way beyond what I expected”


Artwork Contact Elizabeth Yaari for ideas to beautify your wardrobe or space. She offers commissioned work on silk and also classes where you learn to paint your own silk to keep or give as gifts. Wall hangings, wall pictures, book covers, placemats, cards, shawls, scarves and wedding canopies. “Elizabeth is one of the most creative people I have ever met in my life”

There is an intersection, a zone, where playfulness and meaning mingle, and new directions arise. Few people are comfortable in this zone; even fewer know how to coax and guide others into this zone of discovery. Elizabeth Yaari knows this space. For years she has evolved her own art in it, and has guided groups in explorations of it; she has brought out the child in the elders, and the elder in the child. I have worked with her across many different platforms and many contexts; I vouch for her creativity, her integrity, and her sweetness of soul.
Peter Pitzele PhD