As an artist and facilitator of Circle Gatherings my work during the last 15 years has been to gently guide individuals to learn together in a circle and relate to one another using a variety of different art mediums including, but not limited to: film, rhythm, sound, meditation, movement, writing and visual art. I am a graduate of The Institute for Circlework with Jalaja Bonheim, co-foundeder of Explora-Torah and you’ll find me facilitating at Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center during most Jewish holidays and the summer retreats. I enjoy working with you to customize each Circle Gathering according to your needs. Gatherings can be from one hour to many days and may involve 100’s of people. 

Connect to Nature

“Elizabeth has a huge heart, an artist’s vision, and is deeply connected to the earth and sky.  To spend time with her, is to enter a realm where depth matters and play reigns.”

Mary Beth White


“To tell you the truth, never knew my husband had that inside him. His writing is really beautiful. Thanks for bringing this out in him. He enjoys your workshops so much”

Workshop Participant’s wife

“Elizabeth, I just wanted to write and let you know how much our congregation enjoyed your visit as a scholar-in-residence! The meditation you led on Friday night was deeply moving, and I was impressed that you were able to connect so quickly with more than 200 people in front of you. And then the dramatic text study you led on Saturday morning was engaging and provided us with an interesting twist. I have heard from dozens of Temple members who enjoyed your presence in both settings, and I’m glad we had the opportunity to connect with you and Hazon!”

Rabbi Mark Miller, Temple Beth El, Bloomfield Hills, MI

 “Elizabeth is one of the most creative people I have ever met in my life”

Stan Brodsky, Abstract Expressionist Master Artist

“There is an intersection, a zone, where playfulness and meaning mingle, and new directions arise. Few people are comfortable in this zone; even fewer know how to coax and guide others into this zone of discovery. Elizabeth Yaari knows this space. For years she has evolved her own art in it, and has guided groups in explorations of it; she has brought out the child in the elders, and the elder in the child. I have worked with her across many different platforms and many contexts; I vouch for her creativity, her integrity, and her sweetness of soul.”

Peter Pitzele PhD

Art Workshops

“Besides facilitating such a creative project you allowed us to get to know each other in a different kind of way” Workshop Participant “This was way beyond what I expected.”

Workshop Participant