Why do I do this work? To create bridges where people can connect with one another on a deep level and realize their individual and collective potential.

Why would you want to have this experience?

Maybe this is your reason: “I’d like to get to know the people I work with better but going out for a drink on Friday is not my way of connecting. I’d like to try something new.”

Or this: “I want to relate to my close and extended family in a way which celebrates this milestone through deep sharing and art.”

Or this: “I am holding a retreat and am looking for ways in which our participants can connect to nature and each other.”

Or this: “There is a lot of conflict between members of our community. I would love to know how we can get along with each other and open up some channels of communication.”

Or this: “I have never considered myself as an artist but would love to try out a new form of expression with my friends. How do I do this?”

Your story here: “…………………………………………”

If any of these reasons resonate with you then send me an email: elizabeth@elizabethyaari.com. We can simply chat about what might work for you in your situation.

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