Connect to Nature

Water Meditation

A meditation, movement and role play to experience the passage of water and the way it transports us to a sense of well being

Forest Bathing

Gain vitality for the day and unlock the power of the forest by fully experiencing it through its sounds, scents, colors and maybe tastes

Moving in Nature

Find your pace and movement with nature. Embody it’s subtle growth cycles and patterns and use that to inform artwork and creative writing

Reading Water

This role play, creative movement and writing workshop helps us to gain personal insight and a deeper knowledge of the water all around us

Symphony of Sound

Become aware of all the surround sounds through deep listening and convert them into a symphony through artwork and movement

Vegetable Stories

Using rhythm and creative writing we connect to vegetables in a whole new way to find our stories nestled inside them


Creating a personal mandala serves to deepen our appreciation of the patterns and shapes inherent in fruits, vegetables and flowers

Mycelium Madness

This forest exploration reveals which trees are talking to other trees, how the information is being transmitted and what is being said!